Veteran & Vital

In a typical summer, our staff consists of men and women ranging in age from 18 to retirement age. Our staff members are thought of as being in one of two groups: (i) young men who serve as lodge counselors, living in a lodge with several campers, and (ii) non-lodge staff, a group comprised of men and women who offer instructional expertise or some other contribution.

Our lodge counselors are the life-blood of our staff.  They tend to be college students or recent college graduates.  The influence of a lodge counselor upon his campers is powerful and overwhelmingly positive, and our lodge counselors understand the unique position they hold: mentor, friend, role model, surrogate parent, all in one.

Boys acquire new interests and aspire to better things when they live with counselors whom they admire and want to emulate.  We look for counselors who inspire that admiration and emulation, and in many cases we need not look far. Most of our lodge counselors have grown up within our ranks, having spent several summers with us as campers.  We invite them to be counselors if we have the requisite confidence in their judgment and their ability to lead.

Our counselors recognize that it is a privilege to live with and mentor other people’s children, and most of them choose to return to our staff for as many summers as they can manage.

Members of our non-lodge staff are a diverse group.  Some live close by and commute to camp; others live on campus in staff housing.  Some bring their expertise to a particular activity, such as the Ropes Course or the Woodshop; others provide support in the camp office, in the kitchen or in some other essential role.  Some are educators or retired and have their summers available to work at camp; others are self-employed and carve-out their summers to dedicate themselves to the Kawanhee experience.  It’s fair to say that all are essential cogs in the wheel that keeps Kawanhee rolling.

Our Staff

Mike Altmaier
Mike AltmaierFarmington, Maine
Years at Kawanhee: 53
Robert Altmaier (“B.A.”)
Robert Altmaier (“B.A.”)Farmington, Maine
Years at Kawanhee: 53
Paige Berry
Paige BerryWeld, Maine
Years at Kawanhee: 11
Mary Birch
Mary BirchRidge Manor, Florida
Years at camp: 40
Susan Cooke
Susan CookeGranville, Ohio
Years at camp: 13
Macy Davis
Macy DavisScott City, Kansas
Years at camp: 1
Rohan Doherty
Rohan DohertyNewton, Massachusetts
Years at camp: 9
John Figueirinhas (“Jack”)
John Figueirinhas (“Jack”)Mill Valley, California
Years at camp:
William Fleming
William FlemingBoca Raton, Florida
Years at camp: 8
Brandon Flora
Brandon FloraTruckee, California
Years at camp: 1
Mario Gracia
Mario GraciaJayuya, Puerto Rico
Years at camp 5
Jayden Griffin
Jayden GriffinStamford, Connecticut
Years at camp:
Bernice Hoisington
Bernice HoisingtonWest Farmington, Maine
Years at camp:
Sylvia Lutick
Sylvia LutickDixfield, Maine
Years at camp: 0
Viva Maree
Viva MareeMonterey, California
Years at camp: 0
Emily Lou McLean
Emily Lou McLeanSimsbury, Connecticut
Years at camp: 0
Daniel Mertus
Daniel MertusBaltimore, Maryland
Years at camp: 9
Grant Moravec
Grant MoravecPlattsburgh, New York
Years at camp: 8
Ashley Oakes
Ashley OakesWigan, Greater Manchester, UK
Years at camp: 2
Luis Pol (“Quique”)
Luis Pol (“Quique”)San Juan, Puerto Rico
Years at camp: 5
Clyde Quillin
Clyde QuillinZephyr Cove, Nevada
Years at camp: 9
Robert Ray (“Robby”)
Robert Ray (“Robby”)Albuquerque, New Mexico
Years at camp: 1
Enakai Robles-Hails (“Kai”)
Enakai Robles-Hails (“Kai”)Denver, Colorado
Years at camp: 6
Alec Russo
Alec RussoBexley, Ohio
Years at camp: 8
Juan Samalot (“Juanki”)
Juan Samalot (“Juanki”)Guaynabo, Puerto Rico
Years at camp: 6
Konrad Sashin (“Mac”)
Konrad Sashin (“Mac”)Allston, Massachusetts
Years at camp: 7
Gretchen Schmidt
Gretchen SchmidtUtuado, Puerto Rico
Years at camp: 0
Ferdinand Schoedinger III (“Ferd”)
Ferdinand Schoedinger III (“Ferd”)Weare, New Hampshire
Years at camp: 15
William Sellers (“Billy”)
William Sellers (“Billy”)Leesburg, Virginia
Summers at camp: 7
Zachary Sherman
Zachary ShermanSarasota, Florida
Summers at camp: 0
William St. John (“Pete”)
William St. John (“Pete”)Weld, Maine
Summers at camp: 11
Susan Stewart
Susan StewartEast Greenwich, Rhode Island
Summers at camp: 1
Edwin Trayner (“Eddie”)
Edwin Trayner (“Eddie”)Newton, Massachusetts
Years at camp: 11
Camille Tulloss
Camille TullossWeston, Massachusetts
Years at camp: 3
Rees Tulloss
Rees TullossWeston, Massachusetts
Years at camp: 20
Charles Welch (“Charlie”)
Charles Welch (“Charlie”)Brooklyn, New York
Years at camp: 5
Drake Williams
Drake WilliamsColumbus, Ohio
Years at camp: 9
Sandy Winkles
Sandy WinklesRidge Manor, Florida
Years at camp: 18
Jamie Withrow
Jamie WithrowRumford, Maine
Years at camp: 1
Eli Yale
Eli YaleTruckee, California
Years at camp:
James Bolon (Jamie)
James Bolon (Jamie)Tripping Director
Years at camp: 15
Gordon Magne
Gordon Magne
Gene P. Thomas
Gene P. Thomas
Drew Cooke
Drew CookeBio coming soon
Cristina Chiti
Cristina ChitiBio coming soon
Jared Stinson
Jared StinsonBio coming soon
John-Fritz Rullan
John-Fritz RullanSan Juan, Puerto Rico
Years at camp: Since he was 9 years-old
Laurie Barker
Laurie BarkerBio coming soon
Rosaura Rodriguez
Rosaura RodriguezBio coming soon
Nicholas Stanhope (“Nick”)
Nicholas Stanhope (“Nick”) Lodge Counselor
Bangor, Maine
Years at camp: 0
Zachary Sherman (“Zach”)
Zachary Sherman (“Zach”) Lodge Counselor
Sarasota, Florida
Years at camp: 9
Dionisio Colberg (“Dioni”)
Dionisio Colberg (“Dioni”) Lodge Counselor
San Juan, Puerto Rico
Years at camp: 7
Hector Quinones
Hector Quinones Lodge Counselor
Guaynabo, Puerto Rico
Years at camp: 7
Thomas Jones
Thomas Jones Lodge Counselor
Powell, Ohio
Years at camp: 2
Michael Wallace
Michael WallaceKitchen Crew
Carrabasset Valley, Maine
Years at camp: 1
Justin Stewart
Justin StewartKitchen Crew
Weld, Maine
Years at camp: 1
John Brenner
John BrennerKitchen Crew
Livermore, Maine
Years at camp: 0
Zachary Davis (“Zach”)
Zachary Davis (“Zach”) Kitchen Crew
Years at camp: 1
Dawson Tolman
Dawson TolmanKitchen Crew
East Dixfield, Maine
Years at camp: 0
Aaron Krause
Aaron KrauseBio coming soon
Bailey Scott
Bailey ScottCamp baker
Wilton, Maine
Years at camp: 13
Brittany Chapman
Brittany ChapmanKitchen Crew
Farmington, Maine
Years at camp: 2
Wallis Tyler
Wallis TylerBio coming soon
Wyatt Lufkin
Wyatt LufkinKitchen crew
Peru, Maine
Years at camp: 1
Sean Minear
Sean MinearCamp Chef
Weld, Maine
Years at camp: 22