The satisfaction of making something by hand, from scratch


Our shop program is organized to provide campers with knowledge and skills related to woodworking.  This includes imparting information about wood as a material, including its properties and its sources, and about the hand tools available to manipulate wood into useful forms.  Specific skills include cutting techniques, joinery, correct measuring, squaring boards, and recognizing methods to address challenging characteristics of wood when attempting to create a product.  Each camper will have the opportunity to create a product of his choosing; it might be a relatively simple project representing a few hours of work or a more involved work, such as a hand-wrought model sailboat that really sails.


The Visual Arts Center was established in 2002 to offer the best possible creative opportunities for our campers, who are offered a wide range of projects in a variety of mediums.  All of this happens under the guidance of Laurie Barker and her art staff, all of whom are artists themselves.

Image on right: Original watercolor painted on Monhegan Island trip


Campers and counselors are welcome to bring their musical instruments from home to play for their personal enjoyment and/or to perform.  Camp offers abundant opportunities for both informal and formal musical expression. Songs are an integral part of all-camp gatherings, such as Saturday evening campfires, Sunday morning gatherings and open mic nights.  Spontaneous gatherings of guitar players of all ages are common.