Camp Is a Joint Venture

Our campers’ parents are critical members of our community.  We understand and appreciate the commitment families make to the Kawanhee experience.  The decision by parents to enroll a child at camp begins with a recognition that camp can impart value that cannot be replicated at home or at school.  Having decided to take that leap of faith, parents are then called upon to make dear sacrifices, not only by covering the cost of camp, but also by forgoing their son’s good company for several weeks.  We understand that enrolling a child in camp is a profoundly selfless and loving act.

It is for this reason that we consider families, a camper’s parents, siblings, grandparents and step-parents, to be part of our greater community.  During a camper’s first two weeks of camp, we have a policy against phone calls and personal visits between a camper and his family members in preference for unlimited emails and letters.  Phone calls and emails or letters with camp staff are always welcome as well. We find that this policy promotes a camper’s smooth adjustment to camp by developing a boy’s ability to draw support from those around him.

After two weeks, we welcome visits to camp by family members at any time, and phone calls between campers and parents are supported.  We do not have designated visitation days, as we believe that family members should be made welcome when it is convenient for them to visit.  If it is raining, or if a camper’s lodge is less than tidy, so be it. Parents deserve to see an unfiltered view of the camp experience.