A Future Secured

“May There Always Be a Kawanhee.”

The Frank Foundation was conceived at the beginning of the 21st century as a way to perpetuate Camp Kawanhee over the long haul.  The Foundation is a tax-exempt public charity qualified to accept tax-deductible donations.  The Foundation is governed by a Board of Directors currently consisting of fifteen alumni, parents and friends of the camp.

Don Casto
Jo Doherty
Will Fleming
Bill Dargusch
Jon Morgan
Henry “Butch” O’Neill
José R. Otero
Kate Estabrook Schoedinger
Will Ryan
John White
Jacqueline Telgheder
Ben Hoffhine
Dan Alexander

Frank Foundation’s Mission:

The Frank Foundation’s mission is to provide boys and young men with experiential educational opportunities designed to encourage self-sufficiency and teamwork and an appreciation of the natural world. Our program consists of a summer session of seven weeks that promotes cooperative living in a safe and nurturing environment. We offer a rustic camp setting on the shores of a pristine lake surrounded by mountains, together with a staff sensitive to the needs of boys and a liberal arts philosophy that has stood the test of time, and yet continues to evolve. It is our hope that members of the Kawanhee community will return to their everyday lives as better, more productive citizens of the world.

Frank Foundation’s Values:

A Caring Community: A network of supportive interpersonal relationships are the foundation for all we do. We show the value we place on succeeding generations by establishing for them an environment of acceptance and belonging and by mentoring in the values of fellowship, mutual respect, and service to others.

Character Development: We do not preach leadership; we practice it. We consciously strive to enhance the self-awareness and self-esteem of all whom we serve. We provide opportunities for the kind of personal growth, leadership development and personal enrichment that comes from prudent risk-taking, good sportsmanship and perseverance toward the achievement of a worthy goal.

Integrity: We accept personal responsibility for our words and actions. When we give our word, we honor it. We finish what we start. We treat each other directly and fairly. And we build trust in the community of those we serve by delivering on our promise to provide quality in everything we do.

Environmental Consciousness: Our programs reflect our belief that to appreciate the natural world one must experience it, directly, personally and authentically. We are committed to fostering a sense of personal responsibility toward the natural world and, when appropriate, to taking a hand in preserving what we can.

Freedom Within a Framework: Personal safety is our priority. Within this framework we provide a flexible, open environment rich in self-challenge and self-discovery where all are encouraged to seek out, find and gain acceptance for their own personal best. The lessons learned are for life, and we recognize that some of life’s best insights and memories come from so-called idle hours spent in ideal settings in the company of close friends.

Financial Stability: Financial stability is our way of securing our traditions in perpetuity. Our financial health provides the freedom and the resources to focus on quality programming, share our offerings with those less fortunate, and protect our pristine setting from possible threat.