Session Offerings for 2020

 7-week experience:  Kawanhee’s traditional program was originally built upon a 7-week stay.  We feel that this session is most successful in allowing a boy to become fully immersed in all that the camp experience has to offer.

In addition to the 7-week session, we offer shorter stays of 4 weeks and 3 weeks.  For many families, these shorter stays provide them and their sons with a complete camp experience, while allowing for other activities during the summer and accommodating school and sports schedules back home.

Please refer to the DATES AND RATES page under FOR PARENTS for 2020 information.

We will again be offering a Trailblazer session. Known formerly as our Two Week Program, this program is for first-time campers who want to give camp a try, who are not yet ready for a 4, 3 or 7-week commitment.

The goal of the program is to address the particular interests and needs of this group, by intentionally nurturing and guiding these boys to be comfortable in the camp environment as most likely, they are away from home at a sleep-away camp for the first time or are not yet interested in a longer stay.

In this program, each boy will have the opportunity to experience a range of activities at least once, and have some choice time to select those activities which he decides he would enjoy spending more time in while accomplishing some individual goals. Each boy will climb a mountain and have an overnight camp-out, participate in an all-camp Grey/Maroon competition, attend an all-camp campfire, and eat meals in the dining hall with all the other Kawanhee campers. At the completion of the program, each boy will receive a wooden paddle, which marks his accomplishments, including a year stripe acknowledging his participation in the program.

The experienced and dedicated counselors in this program will support boys to learn to communicate openly, directly and comfortably, learn to manage free time, and develop some independence in self-care routines outside of the home environment,  including bathing, keeping up with clothing and personal hygiene. This intentional focus provides boys with the preparation to return to camp the following year, to attend one of the standard camp sessions, including a 7 week, 4-week or 3-week stay. It is not necessary that campers begin their Kawanhee experience in this Trailblazer Program.  It is offered as another option for those whose sons prefer beginning in this style and in this timeframe.