Session Offerings for 2024

Full Season:   Kawanhee’s traditional program was built upon a 7-week stay. We believe that a full season at camp is most successful at allowing a boy to become fully immersed in all that the summer camp experience has to offer.

In addition to the Full Season option, we offer shorter stays of 27 days (the Tumbledown Session) and 19 days (the Skookumee Session). The Tumbledown Session gets its name from the iconic mountain in plain view from camp’s beach, one of the best day hikes in Maine. The Skookumee Session derives its name from a beach across the lake and a popular campsite for Kawanhee overnights. For many families, these shorter stays provide a fulsome camp experience while allowing for other activities during the summer and accommodating family vacations and school and sports schedules back home.

The Full Season, Tumbledown and Skookumee Sessions are available to any camper aged 7 to 15.

For older guys 16 and 17 years of age, the Leadership Training Program is the appropriate choice. Leadership Training I is for 16 and 17 year-olds in their first year of the Leadership Training Program. Leadership Training II is intended for returning 17 year-olds who have participated in Leadership Training I as 16 year-olds.

For first-time campers aged 7 to 11 who may not feel ready for a camp experience of 3 weeks or more, we also offer the Trailblazer Session of two weeks’ duration. There are two Trailblazer Sessions during the summer, and enrollment is strictly limited in both. The goal of this offering is to address the particular interests and needs of this group by intentionally nurturing and guiding these boys to be comfortable in the camp environment. Trailblazer campers are fully integrated into the larger camp community. They attend camp gatherings, participate in all-camp competitions and other activities, and take meals in the dining hall with the rest of the Kawanhee community.

Please feel free to contact Liz ( or Mark ( with any questions about these sessions or to schedule a phone conversation.