Cultivating the Next Generation of Counselors and Citizens

Kawanhee’s 16 and 17 year-olds participate in the Leadership Training Program.  The intent of the program is multifaceted. The overarching goal is to help each participant discover and define a personal leadership style, recognizing that there is no single, simplistic formula for inspiring oneself and others to take initiative and accomplish good things.  Although the lessons learned are intended to have broad application, one goal is to prepare our older campers for the role of caring for younger campers and developing an appreciation for their safety and welfare. Many of our current counselors have prepared for their roles by having participated in the Leadership Training Program.

The means to these ambitious ends include participating in community service projects, sharpening communication skills, clarifying values, developing an appreciation for the importance of role modeling, fostering an appreciation for Kawanhee’s traditions and culture, gradual exposure to opportunities to work with younger campers in activities and in lodges, and participation in challenging multi-day wilderness trips.