Staying in Touch

From the moment you arrive at Camp Kawanhee as a camper, a staff member, or a parent, you become a member of the Kawanhee community—a community whose heart lies on the shores of Webb Lake, a community that binds together the generations, a community that had its start in 1920, when George and Raymond Frank dared to dream of a place where boys could have fun and learn to become young men in a simple lakeside setting in Weld, Maine.

Whether it has been a while since you visited Kawanhee or you were there just yesterday, we want you to become and stay connected. The Alumni Directory is a growing database of campers and other members of the Kawanhee community. Keeping your information current on the Alumni Directory will help ensure you receive the annual catalog and hear about Kawanhee events…and it may help you connect with members of the Kawanhee community with whom you have lost touch! Please register and keep in touch with Camp and one another.

Kawanhee holds periodic alumni events, often combined with recruiting trips. In addition, Camp Kawanhee held its first reunion in 1988, celebrated its 75th anniversary with a reunion in 1995, and has hosted additional reunions at five-year intervals ever since. We are already planning the Kawanhee Centennial, which will take place in mid-August of 2020, so after you register and update your information, please encourage your Kawanhee friends to do the same. The Kawanhee Website and Facebook page will be the primary sources of information about our celebration of 100 Years of Camp Kawanhee—we hope to see you there!

Other ways to connect and stay connected!