May There Always Be a Kawanhee

“May there Always Be a Kawanhee”

We are constantly reminded that Kawanhee has endured because of the timelessness of its mission and because of the loyalty and devotion of the broad Kawanhee community. Gifts to the Frank Foundation* help support the Kawanhee experience for today’s generation of campers. Your gift will

  • help Kawanhee keep tuition affordable and provide scholarships to campers whose families would otherwise not be able to afford it;
  • ensure that Kawanhee can continue to hire dedicated counselors and other staff members;
  • support the maintenance of Camp’s iconic buildings; and
  • provide Kawanhee with the flexibility to respond to opportunities to enrich the Camp experience—such as adding trips to the Tripping schedule when the demand is unexpectedly high or hiring a History Museum intern to organize the growing collection and make portions of it available online—a particularly exciting project in advance of Kawanhee’s Centennial in 2020
  • This year, we have added a focus on supporting our Kawanhee community members in Puerto Rico, which was so badly devastated earlier this year by Hurricane Maria.

If you are interested in donating securities or making a planned gift please be in touch with Mark Standen for instructions (phone: 207-846-7741, email:

*The George and Raymond Frank Foundation is a not-for-profit foundation created in 1998 to ensure that there always will be a Kawanhee. The Foundation now owns and operates Camp Kawanhee as a 501(c)(3) corporation.